A Good Series to Start Near Halloween

DEATH COMES TO THE VILLAGE, by Catherine Lloyd, Kensington, 2013, 9780758287335

I reviewed this cozy village mystery in the February, 2014 issue of Historical Novels Review. This was the first of what turned out to be seven Kurland St. Mary stories, with the seventh coming out next year. What I remember about this one is the spooky graveyard scenes that made me just a little jumpy and uneasy.  Readers unfamiliar with the series might like to start here. This book would be an entertaining read during the Halloween season, and a nice introduction to Robert and Lucy.

England, 1816. In the charming village of Kurland St. Mary, Major Robert Kurland is confined to bed, recovering from wounds suffered at Waterloo. His old friend Lucy Harrington, the duty-bound rector’s daughter, has been of great assistance to him. When Robert sees something suspicious outside his window in the moonlight, he enlists Lucy to help him discover what sinister events may be unfolding in this peaceful backwater. Together they investigate thefts and possible murder, unaware that their own lives may be in danger. A blend of cozy mystery and Regency romance, this first book in a series has enough dark undertones to give readers the shivers. The mysteries are solved satisfactorily, but enough loose ends are left dangling to ensure readers will want to see what happens to Lucy and Robert in the next book.  Recommended. Lloyd is London-born and holds a master’s degree in history from the University College of Wales.

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