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After almost nine years of writing book reviews for Historical Novels Review, I thought I’d like to share some of them here. I’ve discovered some “keeper” authors and series while writing for HNR.

Reading critically has led me to be more selective about what’s on my own bookshelves. Most of my books are adult historical fiction of one kind or another, but I also have Young Adult titles, non-fiction, and even a few children’s books that are so enchanting they deserve a place in anyone’s library. (Scuffy the Tugboat. No laughing, please.) There is a good deal of fantasy, mystery, some good reference books, and even a three-volume set of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes.  I’ve always been a reader as well as a writer. I was always that girl with her nose stuck in a book–and I still am. I want to share some of that fascination and excitement with others, but how do I quantify magical fairy dust? What is it about a story that can pull people into another life, another land, another century–and make them hate to leave it?

I don’t have a cookbook recipe for what makes a compelling read, but I do have some ideas–and some books to recommend that I think others will enjoy as much as I do. You should be seeing a new post every Friday morning. So welcome to my blog–I’m looking forward to taking this journey with all of you.

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