About Me

I’ve been writing and publishing short non-fiction under other versions of my own name since the early nineteen-eighties. I’ve had a long career in health care, which segued into some heavy years of family caregiving and the resulting aftermath. I’ve always thought that a writer needs something to write about–and being ringside for birth, death, and every other stage of the human condition certainly provides the material. I think caregiving–that nitty-grittiest of lifestyles–helps to inform whatever type of art you’re attempting–whether it is writing, drawing and painting, music, or something else.

I’ve lived across the USA in seven different states, on the American territory of Guam, and in Sweden. Currently, and I think forever, home is in New York’s mid-Hudson Valley. I share my space with a small dog, a harp, a piano, two guitars, and many, many books.

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