After a hiatus related to family responsibilities and changes, I am back again. Stay tuned for my posts on what I’m reading…and what I think about it. Why should anyone care? Because my views–especially toward many self-published books–are shockingly mean. Mwa-ha-ha.
I’ve given up writing romance…can’t do the light and frothy anymore after some dark days among my relatives…but I’ve discovered a compulsion to write about the French and Indian War–in outer space. So I’ll be musing on my microwave-thrusted, solar-fueled starships from time to time, as the healing shamans of the ¬†Humanoids try to alleviate an infection control breach that threatens the Treen survival and the future of the galaxy.
And, looking back over my years of reviewing for Historical Novels Review, I realize that I’ve read some Really Good Books for my editors there. My reviews belong to me, and after they’ve appeared in HNR, I am free to use them as I wish. I’m going to look them over and probably share a few. The word limits sometimes prevented me from saying all that I could have, and I’d like to go back and re-visit some of the titles.
So I’m back from Ireland, (a story in itself), back online, and looking forward to “seeing” everyone soon. Thanks to all who have been patient and kind during some crazy family caregiving years.


  1. French and Indian War in outer space. Now that sounds like a great adventure! So glad you are back to blogging after your hiatus. Your posts make me smile. I hope you write more about your trip to Ireland. A beautiful country I have always wanted to visit.

    1. Thank you, JLB. I was just musing that the coast of Antrim in Northern Ireland would make a great setting for a galactic scene somewhere. Of course, Game of Thrones may have hijacked it already.

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